"Just listening to some of the presentations from the DIY investor summit and wanted to shoot you a note about how much I'm enjoying it. It's really a great thing you have put together. Great content to learn and improve my investing outlook." - Brett
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One of the greatest investments you can make is in your own investing education. I believe the Real Money Summit "Volatility Mastery" Training is one of the best opportunities available for learning from proven, successful investors who genuinely care about your success. - Brian Bain, Founder Investor in the Family and DIY Investing Summit
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  • Lifetime access to all content so you can learn on your own schedule at your convenience ($297 value)
  • Downloading ability for all training audio MP3s so you can listen on the road and at the gym ($97)
  • Downloadable presenter slide PDFs so you can review at your convenience ($97)
  • Executive summary sheet PDFs from every interview (our personal notes) so you can read and quickly survey highlights ($97)
  • Interview timestamps so you can jump to areas of greatest interest and maximize your time and experience ($27)
  • BONUS: Biotech expert Bret Jensen reveals his top conviction, high beta picks in the midst of current market volatility. ($97)
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Register to receive a special discounted offer to Real Money worth $50 off the list price. This means  the training pays for itself if you choose a no risk subscription to Real Money!
Praises for Past Training:
Hey Brian … First thing …. Great package you put together…. Thank you, I enjoyed and will continue to pick my way through the interviews over the next several months - Richard J.
Just listening to some of the presentations from the DIY investor summit and wanted to shoot you a note about how much I'm enjoying it. It's really a great thing you have put together. Great content to learn and improve my investing outlook. - Brett
Many thanks for pulling all of this information together and conducting the interviews. Without exception each offered the opportunity to further crystalize my own thinking and better define my goals with respect to investing. Some of the suggestions repeated by many of the participants ie. assess risk, understand fundamentals, do your homework really brought me back to thinking through my goals and how pieces fit or not in my portfolio. Again, many thanks. The product far exceeded my expectations and if you repeat in the future I will make sure to set aside sufficient time to become a full participant. - Joe T.
Hi Brian, Thanks for a great week! As a guy who turns 65 next week, this isn't my first rodeo, but you can learn a lot no matter how old you are if you keep an open mind. I learned a lot this week -- very good questions and asked in a good order. Your reiterations and amplifications of speakers answers were often very useful as well. - W.S.M.
Hello Brian, first of all, thank you for putting together the summit. I registered for this not expecting much, except some sales pitches. I was pleasantly surprised at valuable insights provided, even if I can not agree or in a position to implement some of these ideas. - Mal R.
Thank you so much for allowing us to listen to the recordings of your interviews during the past week! It was really useful and for sure will make me a better investor long term. - Renan U.
Hi Brian, We have never met, talked or exchanged messages. I had never heard of the DIY Investing Summit before I saw it mentioned in one of your messages. I was a bit leery of signing up for it, but you seemed like an honest enough person that I figured it was worth taking a chance on. It turned out much better than I expected. I think you did a very good job interviewing the speakers and getting information out of them. You also had a very good set of questions to work with and got deeper when appropriate. I will be telling other people about the DIY Investing Summit as I presume this an ongoing event. - Tom T.
I loved your DIY conference! Greg T.
My heartfelt thanks to Brian Bain and the many generous contributors to the DIY Investing Summit 2017. As a young investor with no professional training, I found the DIY Investing Summit to be a truly spectacular resource. - W.
"The best teachers are those that take you along on their own journey. That's what Brian does. He is committed to being a better investor, puts in the work to do so, and is totally open about his mistakes and his successes. Humility, dedication and openness are qualities of the great investors I have known. You can trust Brian will do everything he can to help you on your investment journey." - David Stein, Money For The Rest Of Us
“Brian Bain is among the best at being able to communicate a wide range of advanced investment topics in a way that is easy to understand and can be put into practice right away. Brian is also a great teacher and makes the learning experience both worthwhile and enjoyable.” - Eric Parnell, Retirement Sentinel
"Brian Bain has built an amazing brand for connecting financial mavens to investors. I highly recommend his training - definitely worth the time and money" - Brad Thomas, Rhino Real Estate Advisors
"Thoughtful, patient, collaborative, and with an insatiable desire to uncover investment knowledge, Brian Bain is one of my favorite contributors in the investment arena. There are many good qualities to Brian’s work, and I could spend a lot of time listing them, including his organization, interview skills, and his knowledge of his own strengths and weaknesses, but the highest compliment I can give Brian is that time, which is our most valuable resource, is well spent with Brian discussing investments." - William Koldus, The Contrarian